Reflections: My Transition to Natural Hair Story (thus far)…

I am currently 18 months into my transition. I don’t exactly remember the age I got my first relaxer, but I’m sure it was around 7…and I have been relaxed ever since. From 6th grade on into college I wore flat wraps and eventually transitioned to roller wraps. When I went to college, my hair was APL (armpit length). Due to the change in climate,being unable to maintain my previously cared for by a professional stylist hair, or find a stylist in Tallahassee who could do hair, it broke off. 🙁 A year after I graduated, I began wanting to live a more healthful lifestyle in general. This led me to eat better and being physically active became a lifestyle. One day, I realized that I was not living up to my new goal because no matter how much I deviated from man-made chemicals I put in my body and on my skin, I still applied a chemical every 6-8 weeks. I knew I needed to make a change. After thinking about it more deeply, I realized I didn’t even know what my natural hair looked like! Can you imagine that! I don’t think I’ve ever made a better choice! I hope more women will be encouraged to take the plunge. God makes no mistakes, and that includes your hair (whatever type it may be).

I plan to BC (big chop) in June 2012. That will have been a two year transition.

18 Months into Transition

I honestly can’t wait. I find myself wanting to cut off my relaxed ends and never look back! BUT, since I made a commitment, I am sticking with it. I often wonder how my hair will behave once it’s fully natural…and believe me, I fight the temptation daily not to find out!

My favorite natural hair styles include mostly off the cuff up-dos, back-dos, side-dos, etc, because I like to keep my ends tucked. By nature a low-maintenance lady, I am able to stretch my styles for up to a week.  I also find that up-dos force me to get the hair out of my face! What you see if what you get 🙂 I love the cinna-bun style. It’s elegant and fits any occasion. You can also accessorize the style. I have learned to do braid-outs really well, but I haven’t mastered having them last for more than a few days because I after one night of sleeping pretty, I just want to sleep, LOL! Normally what I do to make the style last is to push up my curls and accessorize it with a pretty scarf or any hair jewelry or accessory…usually I create my own pieces.

15 Months into Transition

I recognize the beauty in all naturals. It takes great courage to go against the grain. There are women who have helped me along the way with hair style tips and information related to my journey. As a result, I’ve made it 18 months without losing my hair! I’ve learned about what my hair likes and dislikes…how I can recycle or preserve my styles…just gaining general knowledge about the science of Afro-Textured hair in general was exciting. I’ve essentially been in an 18 month relationship with my hair. It’s funny to never have experienced being able to see yourself as you were meant to be…prior to all the need to “relax” that is…I’ve tried to keep track of my journey thoroughly through my blog, my photo history, and mental notes and observations. I will create full transitioning story in 6 months, when I do my BC 🙂

It is my hope that by sharing my experiences with you, you will be inspired to or inspire another woman to take the plunge and leave the creamy crack alone.  Granted, I support a woman’s right to choose what she does to her hair!  I just hope we are treating the chemically unaltered hair growing out of our scalp with the love and attention it needs.

Stay tuned for my Routine!


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