Transitioners Kit: What’s in Yours?


Happy Hump Day!

Last week while I was in my local beauty supply store looking for hair for my mannequin head, I came across this:

Apparently, Jamaican Mango & Lime make a transistioning kit! Here is a bit of information associated with the product:

“Jamaican Mango & Lime
Transition Natural
No More Relaxer-New Growth (Thermo control Serum)

Heat Activated-Does not Break Hair Bonds like relaxer, Maximum Detangling (1 Application that lasts up to 2 months)

Kit Contains-1 Jamaican Mango & Lime no more relaxer new growth thermo control serum 4 oz
1-Naturalizing and Detangling Shampoo 2 oz
Naturalizing and Sealing Leave in Conditioner 2 oz
gloves, instruction pamphet…

(Read the rest of the product information here)

…We have developed the perfect system to maintain and style hair that is in transition from relaxed to natural.”

I don’t know about you ladies, BUT had I come across this 15 months ago, I doubt I’d pick it up. For one, it reads like a relaxer replacement, ingredient-wise and there are far too many chemicals and “fragrance” for my personal taste.  Secondly, as an ingredient reader, I don’t particularly like the ingredients they use; for instance,  polyquaternium-37 is found in some relaxers. DMDM Hydrantoin is one of the many preservatives that release formaldehyde. 

If I were to want a transitioning kit, I’d much prefer to see a kit on the market with these items:

Castor Oil: Use as a pre-poo or for fluffing out a twist or braiding style

Coconut and Olive Oil: Both these Oils can be used in a pre-poo treatment, added to a deep conditioner, or for a scalp massage

Shea Butter (or any butter):  After you’ve added your leave-in, use a butter (shea, mango, coco, or butter mix) to seal in the moisture or to set your braids or twists

Aloe Vera Juice or Gel (I prefer Juice): Add to in your leave-in for boosted strand strength

Giovanni Direct Leave In: Light and Moisturizing

Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother): Use this, diluted with water, as a scalp cleanser. Who needs shampoo (which is very drying to the hair)

V05 Clarifying Conditioner: Use this cheapy conditioner during your detangling session.  These can be found for $1 at your local dollar store.

Olive Oil Root Stimulator: Use this as a base for your deep conditioner. You can add to the base any oils and/or Aloe Vera Juice in this kit for extra deep conditioning goodness.

Ouchless Bands: These bands will help secure hair into place while you are styling. Unlike the bands with the metal, these will not break your hair off

Seemless Comb: I like this comb, but the idea is to use a wide-tooth comb for easy detangling

3 ounce Spray Bottle: Make a Mix of your Leave-In, Aloe Vera, and a tbsp of any oil to use as a daily moisturizing refresher!

Bobby Pins and Clips: These tools will make styling much more simple

That’s it! The best part is, many of the contents of my transitioning kit are multi-purpose, reuseable, and cheap to re-up :-D!

If you could give a new transitioning kit, what products would be in it?



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5 thoughts on “Transitioners Kit: What’s in Yours?”

  1. Love this post. This product is a JOKE. Chemicals to go NATURAL? These companies are REALLY reaching with this one. The ingredients are garbage. Your post perfectly articulates this fact.

    1. Exactly! There are several other companies that are jumping on the “transitioning kit” bandwagon. Glad we can inform the ladies that it’s a gimmick!

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