Fierce Friday Gratuitous Post | Razor Burn, Oil Infusion, Roller Set

Happy Friday! In honor of Fridays, I’ve decided to do totally unnecessary posts that essentially are a wrap up of my week! Let’s go!

PhotoGrid_1401985526333I started out my week by trying for 4 days to contact my barber, with no luck. I was in a crunch and I really wanted to look polished so against my best judgement I went to another barber. *Hangs Head in Shame* Long story short, I’ll be more explicit in another post but after being unsatisfied with the job the barber did, I went and allowed my barber to fix her error. I ended up with a severe case of razor burn.

More on Razor burn later

L to R: Roy, Ciara, Me To say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, would be an understatement!
L to R: Roy, Ciara, Me
To say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, would be an understatement!

Last week, my baby sister and her BFF visited!

Clearly I love oil infusions!
Clearly I love oil infusions!

Since my sister loves my herbal infused oils, I made sure to mix her up a fresh batch! This time, I’m adding lavender for a beautiful scent!

I roller set my hair with perfect results! I’m going to at least make roller sets a bi-weekly thing!

I used homemade flax seed gel for hold

The top photos are the results of my first time trying a roller set.

This time, I used a foam setting lotion
This time, I used a foam setting lotion

The bottom photo was taken on wash day, this past Monday.

Notible Differences between the Gel and Foam

  1. Homemade vs. Store Bought | I love making products at home! It’s simple and I get more bang for my buck.
  2. Natural vs. Artificial Ingredients| Because the gel is homemade, I’m able to verify that the ingredients are all natural, unlike the foam I purchased. I prefer natural products but I can stomach a few artificial ingredients every now and again.
  3. Both yielded a soft hold | What I like best about both products is that they each left me with a soft hold! The downside to the gel was the flaking, which means I go back to the drawing board with my gel recipe!
  4. Strand Smoothness | I plan to test this again, but at first look, the foam wins. I believe this is mainly due to the fact that I’d learned the proper way to roll the hair, from the first experience. In a future post, I will be writing about how I do my roller sets.

Have a great weekend!


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