USA Today: Natural Hair is Making Waves Among Black Women

One more day til the weekend!

@NaturalBelle on Twitter posted a great article from USA Today I wanted to share with you:

The part that stuck out the most to me is:

“But according to the American Academy of Dermatology, highly textured, curly hair is, “by its nature, more fragile than naturally straight hair,” and “relaxers make curly hair more fragile.”

More proof to leave the creamy crack alone. My BFF once commented to me that some people need a relaxer because because their hair is so nappy 😐 or unmanageable 😐 It rubbed me the wrong way simply because I do not think anyone NEEDS a relaxer. There are things one can do to improve manageability without chemically changing the hair. My BFF has done all types of hair since I’ve known her and she is now a licensed cosmetologist. One thing we always bump heads on though, is hair…go figure.


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